Is the Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Your Perfect Canine City Companion?

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed


The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is a compact, sturdy little dog. They have dark, almond shaped eyes, a black nose and and small V shaped drop-ears. Their colour should be white with black, tan or brown spots anywhere on the body.

They're 10 to 15 inches high (25-38cm) and weigh 14 to 18 pounds (6-8kg). Small enough to pick up, although your Jack Russell will prefer to walk.


The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is probably the most lively of all terriers (and that's saying something). This little terrier needs rules and limitations. Otherwise it will take over your role as packleader.Jack Russells are generally good with children and enjoy games and playing with toys.That doesn't mean it's an easy dog breed though. I certainly wouldn't recommend the Jack Russell to inexperienced dog owners. They need a firm and active packleader. Jack Russells who haven't been socialized can be aggressive towards other dogs and fight to the death.Don't underestimate their hunting instinct, it's the strongest of all terriers. Other, smaller pets pose a problem, possibly even if they grew up with them.They're not very reliable off the lead as they love to chase and explore. Even if you let them loose in a fenced off area, you'll still have to keep a close eye on them. Not only are they notorious diggers, Jack Russells can also climb over a fence and jump about 5ft high.Unless you provide it with lots of activities and exercise, your Jack Russell will have the tendency to bark, become restless and even destructive.

Now don't get me wrong, the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is a great dog breed, they just need the right, experienced, strong-willed owner to bring out their good side. They're happiest when they have a job to do and a strong leader who sets clear rules.

The Jack Russell Terrier can be kept in an apartment, but only if it gets enough exercise (long daily, brisk walks, tug o war games,ball games) and stimulation. As they're very active indoors, a garden where they can run free is preferred.

Here are some ideas to keep your Jack busy; hunting, tracking, agility, performing tricks, doggy dance.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed


The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed can have 2 different coats; broken and rough. Both are easy to groom with a bristle brush. They only need to be bathed when absolutely necessary. Both types of coat need to be stripped out. You can have this done by a professional or learn how to do it yourself.

Unfortunately, the breed can have a few health issues; dislocated kneecaps, eye diseases (inherited), deafness and Legg-Perthes (a problem with the hip joints).

Other than that, they're sturdy little dogs that can easily reach 15 years of age and more.

Breed Background

The breed was developed in England by Jack Russell in the 19th century. It was originally used to hunt small game, particularly by digging the quarry out of its den.

Because the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed was bred with the emphasis on its working traits, their appearance can vary. Especially the leg-height can differ considerably.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed

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